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18 may 2018

MAY 18 2018


The Argentinian songwriter and singer Julieta Guerrero is known for gather and living her music through her travels around the world. Just before starting to record her second album, on this ocassion she ventured on the island of Cuba, one of the most musical places in the world, where she made contact with Jorge Gómez -founder of the legendary Moncada band- who invited her to join his band in concerts in BuleBar66 and Le Select, both in La Habana.

That's how she went on stage and fusioned her songs with typical cuban rhythms.

19 jan 2018

JAN 19 2018

New video Julieta Guerrero & The Flippers shooted in Denmark.

Julieta Guerrero presents the first video of the year with The Flippers filmed at Jutland's peninsula in Denmark. It's a live session version of the new song 'Cuatro Golpes' which will be included in the next album.

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01 dec 2017

DEC 01 2017

Last show of the year

On november 25th Julieta Guerrero ended a great musical year in Casa Colombo (Buenos Aires) with a very shiny and emotional show.

Guest musicians: Dante Conesa (Keyboards), Emiliano Colombini (Bass), Martín Guerrero (Percussion)


Julieta Guerrero

Young composer, writer and Argentinian performer artist. Takes “indie” style as the start point for a musical proposal full of soundsand folk textures, that allows the risk and booming freedom that ask her poetic word. Melodies crowded of emotional landscapes full of contrasts: the urban and the mystical, passion and introspection, the deepest pain and the most immediate freshness, are shared with all those that let to be seduced for her music loaded of shine and darkness.

Her solo project is the artistic evolution harvested during 3 consecutive European tours which started in a “non-planned” trip, generating a success with precedents in cities like Madrid, Rome, Graz, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Ebeltoft, Aarhus, among others, sounding in streets, pubs and European festivals since 2015, gaining mainly connection with north European audience that allowed to open the season in Music I Rønde in Denmark together with the Flippers.

Julieta Guerrero & the Flippers more than a generational, cultural and musical collision, is the great gathering that joins the well known folk and traditional danish musicians Claus Raahauge, Michael Torfing and Mikkel Olrik, with the young Argentinian artist and composer, giving as a result, a blend without precedents, connecting asolid indie repertoire with the texture, surprise, harmony, madness and playfulness of danish folk music, adding new sounds through instruments like flutes, doublebass, mandolin and 12 strings guitar. Nowadays preparing her second album, accentuates the nuances and contrasts of vocals and music, leading into a powerful and eclectic indie, taking her music further than a massive market that points straight to the experience of who is listening.


live shows

Gigs of the European tour will be posted soon.


NOV 24 2017

Radio Interview - Cítrica Radio FM 88.5 - Génesis Nocturno - Buenos Aires

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NOV 20 2017

Radio Interview - Cítrica Radio FM 88.5 - Génesis Nocturno - Buenos Aires

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AUG 19 2017

Newspaper El provincial, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

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AUG 08 2017

Adresseavisen, Rønde, Dinamarca

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